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Originally from the mean streets of Boston’s inner city Joe’s career as a performer has taken him around the planet, in every direction.   

As a standup comedian Yannetty has been making people of every age and background laugh hysterically, worldwide, for nearly four decades.

Along with live performances at Radio City Music Hall in New York, The Kennedy Center in Washington DC, and Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, his many television appearances throughout the years are proof of his tremendous talent.

As an actor, director, motivational speaker, and multi-award-winning screenwriter Joe has demonstrated that he is no one-trick pony.  After winning a best screenwriting award for his movie SUCKERS he went on to a deal with HBO to produce a series based on the film.  Unfortunately that deal fell through, and Joe took to the high seas.

His obsession with the ocean led him to the cruise ship industry.  For sixteen years this funny man sailed the seven seas on every major cruise line, making people laugh while traveling on the world’s biggest, and most luxurious ocean liners.

Joe’s biggest and most important victory came in 2014 when he defeated Stage Four Throat Cancer.  In July he was a hair away from death, and by November he was onstage in front of 16,000 people at the Boston Garden.

"Joe Yannetty is a comedian, award-winning writer,  actor, voice actor,  lecturer, and motivational speaker."

"One of the best comedians to come out of the best comedy scene in the world"

New York Critique

"He's the funniest, most handsome man ever to set foot on any stage, anywhere."

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