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The first time he was on Star Search, comedian Joe Yannetty went up against Drew Carey.

"I just remember feeling really confident and cocky and knew that I was going to go out and win," he said.

And Carey remembers that his competitor was less than gracious. "He came up to me right before I went on," said Carey of Yannetty, "and he said 'Hey, it's a nice suit. A nice suit to lose in.'"

Star Search Drew Carey vs. Joe Yannetty 

Yannetty beats Carey by 1/4 star

A seasoned professional, comedian Joe Yannetty draws

on his travels, his Italian heritage, family situations and

Boston blue-collar upbringing to bring family-oriented

comedy to audiences around the world. Yannetty has

been a guest on dozens of television shows, and has

headlined around the world. Joe has also appeared at


HALL in New York City, and the KENNEDY CENTER in

Washington DC. Yannetty has written for and toured with Rosie O’Donnell. He also spent some time as a morning show personality, writer, and producer on two of Boston’s top ten rated radio stations. He was featured in a segment on the television show 20/20 regarding his appearance on Ed MacMahon’s TV show STAR SEARCH where Joe was victorious over the now famous Drew Carey. The HBO movie SUCKERS, a motion picture Yannetty wrote and appears in, is based on a part of his own life. It has been distributed worldwide, and is constantly aired on major cable stations. In October of 2001 it was awarded the Premiere Video Award for Best Screenplay.

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